Your Child And The Way You Are

There are many factors that combine to establish self-concept and awareness in a child. Apart from the genetic-related factors, there are others which are related to the environment and the ability to learn from the environment. In my last blog post “Why the Environments with the Children”, I made mentioned of the characteristic natures of […]

Why the Environments with the Children?

Why the Environments with the Children? The environment is a concept that is so familiar to us. It is used in many different things especially in the diverse fields of knowledge that exist in our world today. In psychology and medicine, a person’s environment is the people, physical things, places and events that the person […]

Children In The Face Of Anti-Social Behaviours

With regard to adults with well defined personality concept and values, the influence of anti-societal goods might be of little impact. But to the children yet fully incorporated to the defense mechanisms and other enabled means of fighting through these agents, it is of adequate necessity that they be guided to a safe-zone worthy of societal acceptance and applause. This responsibility rests more on the parents.


Life, on general basis, is characterized with many state of affairs that far outweigh the capabilities of human beings. The outcomes of our decisions also,at regular basis, present us their unpleasant conditions. The policies on which the society operates is a problem on its own! In the aspect of parenting, the desire of the children to express themselves unruly at all cost, not including the spirit of social vices that hurt after them, is another element that sap off parents’ efforts and energies. These challenges are beyond what parents can bear alone. There is indeed a need for a support from a higher energy source.

The Right of a Child:Love

Rightly absorbed by the circumstances of the events at the Marriage Registry, I intently watched and listened as the handler read out the provisions of the law that pertain what was about to be done. They are all familiar expectations! My mind fought for freedom to stray away from the moment, bearing the fact that […]

Parenting: A Struggle for a Better Tomorrow

No Society is best suited for child upbringing. Neither is one absolutely against it. In every society lies corruptible elements strong enough with a competitive mind frame to snatch every child from amounting to somebody morally apt enough to shun vices. Based on regions, these elements might be different. However they amount to the same […]

Too full in……..Nothing!

I have the memory fresh as though it happened just a few seconds again! I had called her and spoke in the same level of Language she talked with me the previous day, probably two days before…and she felt insulted…… insulted…and I wonder what she thought of me… For such level of response she might […]

Politics-A Reflection of Strength in Personal Convictions

  There are many elements that could change a man. Man himself is an agent of change that experiences change. Man, being social, is surrounded by diverse elements that his interaction with them posed a greater demand for change. Politics is one! This explains the reason a good man by virtue of his political occupation […]

The Family In The Society…..

  Every individual in the society-complex or simple-in whatever form grows up from a platform. The values such has come to believe and appreciate foundation themselves from a concrete establishment or institution, and not from a cloudy ground. This institution is the family! Among the indispensable institutions noted to be the pillars of the society, […]