Oooops!!! It’s Better I let it be;I can’t control it!

It had been years of study, and toiling, to ensure I have  nice grades to boast of.Of those years, one thing I have learnt is there is always a help if I can just ask for it through the appropriate channel from the right person. For example, in my first year, first semester exam result I saw myself at a grade below what I wanted even though by then I hardly  understood the grading system: Then all I knew was I was a step below what I desired. So I asked the right person amidst the belief and anxiety that once missed at such a point recovery is beyond human effort;It would require more than extra normal studying time to get it again.And I must confess I got the grade I wanted with an additional blessing of being the overall best student.
The years in the Higher National Diploma was different! Higher grades at a start and the work and anxiety was “I must keep this till I am through! “.It was not an easy thing when I let myself danced to the best music that the fear of tomorrow could play then.However I remembered that I was not alone! I should just ask for help.Indeed I did that and came out the best as well with my project mate closely behind me.Believe you me, it was wonderful!
The service year (NYSC ) came around after much tension nevertheless it passed by being great because I relied on He that helps and never get tired of doing it!
And now, through with my standard education, in search of job. If I become anxious about it, am I not disturbing myself for nothing? I have passed through enough things in this life to understand that there is always a help to meet my needs! No need to fall “in -between ” because the one working on my behalf knows exactly what is next!


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