The Political Instabilities:The Index of Minds..

Power , no doubt, has taken minds beyond the actual personalities they are. It has become the major asset with which all things could be possible.The World, generally, now has been encountering the power crisis. The situations have been power lauchers and power resistances. In Syria, it is a matter of the citizens fighting against the government for a positive change like Egypt. In Ukraine, it is the same thing. The Citizens are tired of the personalities that wear the flesh-garments on which  the recognized tags  “governments” are boldly inscribed on. The various protests across Europe and Asia aim at improving the statues of the people therein-fights to resist the torments rendered by certain so-called leaders.

In my country, it is a different ball game. The fight against the government is not aim at bettering the lives of the people, rather it is to worsen their already deteriorating well-beings. The fight is to frustrate the government as well as the people it governs. It is a  fight to halt developments in every segments. It is to lauch dead on the livings:both organisms and none. It is to give the people every reason to be panic and curse.


These are what the Boko Haram takes pleasure in doing. Thousands of people are dead…and still counting.Government establisments are no longer standing. Educational Institutions are all dead…No economic progress in any form. Yet they are still breathing out fire. They still cry for more blood.What is their reason? They do not desire Western Education any more in their region..That was the reason they started all these…very absurd…The real problem is the Northeners want to stay in the arena of power but they could not. And they brought this up. It is a pity for what the Norther leaders have created for themselves. Believe you me when they eventually get to the realm of the power they are struggling for now, the Boko Haram will never die but still grow in power to hurt them. And not only them, other tribes will bring their own terrors to bring them down! If they can do this in an attempt to frustrate the government of the day, lets wait to see what will become of them when they get the presidency. Neverthelss, the instability they have caused, to my own reasoning, has reflected nothing but the wickedness of their minds…..


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