The Family In The Society…..


Every individual in the society-complex or simple-in whatever form grows up from a platform. The values such has come to believe and appreciate foundation themselves from a concrete establishment or institution, and not from a cloudy ground. This institution is the family! Among the indispensable institutions noted to be the pillars of the society, the institution of family, to me, is the most fundamental after religion. I placed religion above the family because it is the central modifier of the family’s qualities and values, and not the society itself.

Many armed robbers and assassins actually become who they are by virtue of the unhealthy families they hail from. Likewise most lesbians, drug addicts, social workers and other personalities manifesting other social vices have in a way or the other fall victims of the fruits of unhealthy families. No doubt they have been starved with one thing or the other that command the sacredness of the family. Perhaps the lack of love, peace and care in their respective homes has pushed them to the extent they are. The manifestations of all these surely make the society the end receiver! The alarming cry is that more and more families deteriorate and collapse day by day and it seems there is no simpler solution.

If the truth be said, it is no doubt that doing the right things brings the right results. Doing things adequately means adequate results. Families failures result from engaging in the wrong things: failed responsibilities. If the elements that make up the individual families would behave responsibly, the family would grow responsibly- healthily. Therein lays the solution!

The fathers need to wake up to their responsibilities. The mothers need to understand where they have failed and make amends. (And yet to be a father or mother, being a good and responsible son/daughter/personality will do). The children need to understand the trouble it causes the parents to catch up with the trend of the society in order to provide good and adequate trainings. That is enough tasks in itself! The children need to compensate such efforts by yielding to the trainings. It is fundamental for children (including the adolescences and the youths) to acknowledge that the parents have the right guidance in their capacities. They cannot mislead you! They have the adequate muscles to carry you through your various endeavours and challenges.

Most importantly is the fact that parents ought to understand that they must be good examples to win the judgments of the children. The fathers, especially, need take their stands as the heads of their respective families- physically and spiritually- and should not shy away from them.

When we all play our parts in our own little corners, the society has a chance of enjoying positive developments and growth. Let’s wake to it!!!


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