Politics-A Reflection of Strength in Personal Convictions


There are many elements that could change a man. Man himself is an agent of change that experiences change. Man, being social, is surrounded by diverse elements that his interaction with them posed a greater demand for change. Politics is one! This explains the reason a good man by virtue of his political occupation turns bad, and a bad man becomes worse. Permit me to carry on without antagonist that politics cannot be an agent of positive change for a man in terms of character qualities. Perhaps this resolution of mine is peculiar only to the part of the world I live. Nevertheless I beg all to let me be with it! Yes, I am yet to see a man of lesser character qualities becoming appreciated in virtue; however, I have seen a strategic maneuver in the application of human wisdom aimed at achieving a means without ever noticing the underlying deceptions. I have seen political stratagems that the guru behind its execution ensures that the affected set of people is made to believe in its eventual potency directed to advance the course of the executor. Hmmm! I must say I am skeptical about every political moves both national and international stages!!! Believe you me!

 Having said this, it is fundamental to note that no man can separate himself from his thoughts. As such his political actions are exactly his convictions and sure (and sure) his personality-self-concept, knowledge, understanding etal.

I really have another problem with politics… and that is….. Religious people, especially Christians go in assuming to be clean…and come out dirty….It is a great concern to me. I couldn’t think of the number of times I had criticized this set of political leaders including the rest though. I wouldn’t dare it because it is countless! Plenty of times I had fiercely argued, contributed and concluded that politics is dirty and it is majorly for dirty people including the potentials. However, just as I had mentioned earlier, I believed that the people therein make it as such…. and the degree of the crudeness in it as well is determined by their political wills and minds… A change in their nature and qualities would transform politics from the dark pictures we read to the light and adequate pictures we hoped for. Notwithstanding it never stopped me from saying that a heavenly minded Christians should leave out politics absolutely until recently. I was exposed to the foolishness in my awareness, acknowledgement and myopic development of my reasoning and wisdom.

The eyes opener is the same view I have held and believed. As I sat deeply involved in the thoughts of what to wordpress, my mind awakens and speaks a voice though it might not be for every reader. However, it is what I find greater satisfaction in posting. The view is “if people in it can change, politics will change.” But in this case, it is “if a Christian could be so rooted, grow and established on the faith of Jesus Christ he has believed and cherished, he would make a good and adequate leader in all courses of the society- politics inclusive.” (I am particular about Christians because that is the religion I am fully aware of as the only saving one). By him in Christ, he is no doubt already transformed from darkness to light, and as such, has the potential abilities and strength to do away with the wicked natures obvious in politics. He is no longer subjected to the cravings of the world which have become the source of downfall to those falling. The fear of fallen away from faith is no longer a shadow to deal with because a new shadow of assurance capable of energizing someone to stand and stay in truth must have overwhelmed the concerned. Such an individual would cease being susceptible to corruption or the fear of missing out of heaven any more. This is largely because a new Spirit abled enough to quicken the mortal body would be at work. And very interestingly the Spirit is there to teach, control, guide unto all goodness. In fact the Spirit is for excellence!

However, this ability could be seen in a Christian that is a disciple of the Master, Jesus Christ. A Christian that is not sure of himself and his conviction of the faith he is into would probably be sway away by everything in politics. The reason is simple! Politics is of the flesh-sensual in nature-that encourages leaving on human wisdom and understanding. And until you are deeply rooted in the Spiritual with God, you can never defeat its demand. No doubt, it is because it is a reflection of strength in whatever you believed and stand for-Conviction.



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