Too full in……..Nothing!

I have the memory fresh as though it happened just a few seconds again! I had called her and spoke in the same level of Language she talked with me the previous day, probably two days before…and she felt insulted…… insulted…and I wonder what she thought of me… For such level of response she might have concluded me juvenile! And believe you me I hate nothing more than that! Two things could have gave such impression: first,I am too cool for a lady to see strong! Such every average ladies never see my strength. I let them see my weaknesses. It takes relating with me to discover I am a whole of pretence! In that I surely have my reason: it gives me the adequate resources to migrate into them. With that I have just resources and capacity to bring any to my style of relating. People that close enough to me and I love them around have I always have the duty to reveal this strategic living. Call it stupidity  or negative quality characteristic I wouldn’t mind. She fell victim of this…..and till she sits down alone with her thoughts… me being its object….bringing together every pieces of my relating with her….she won’t discover this weapon of mine….much more of discovering how far I have migrated into her….And believe you me, with Who I know,she assumed a big aunty beyond the stage of thinking about a small boy. I know the implication of that, by the time the so-called class of her whip her heart without mercy,she will then value….it’s not the statement of pride…. I discovered it from my last girlfriend!
The second reason gave birth to the first…I have spent 29 Christmas on earth…this year’s will be the 30th….and there’s nothing of my body statue that conveys that!If she of 26 years of age thinks of being older than me then I looked less than 26! Many people I have been coming across treated me less because I am small in statue! If I tell you I am 21,you would believe me! But I am far more than I developed the tactic of living with people and I have been winning!  Atleast it has cured anger that would flow in me when someone insult me in relating! This is another part she will not get…nay by any chance! So I am winning!
Perhaps if she would climb down from the horse of cloud she is on,she would discover Who she is dealing with just as others had done…Perhaps if she would diffuse the vapour of glory within which she abides and realize that at the blowing of the wind the vague guide will be no more,she would realize her real self…far away from the mistaken self concept she wears as garment!
I would have helped her…to bring her knowledge to my style of life… tell her she is in my black book already for she defiled my personality…. and that I hate to relate with her her more than I had loved her….that because of the love I once had I can forgive her…..But she will not hear me because she will not even pick the call…To her she has been insulted….over insulted if there is any word like that……..And I love it….it shows I put her at actual level she belongs!


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