Parenting: A Struggle for a Better Tomorrow

No Society is best suited for child upbringing. Neither is one absolutely against it. In every society lies corruptible elements strong enough with a competitive mind frame to snatch every child from amounting to somebody morally apt enough to shun vices. Based on regions, these elements might be different. However they amount to the same detrimental outcomes (the degrees depending on the in-depth of involvement therein) popularly associated with them. They have in no doubt become strong contenders and forces that compete with adequate parenting. To put it in simplest words: child training is a war between parenting and adverse elemental forces which I could happily refer to as parenting terrorists that want to steal values from all.
One peculiar thing I have come to understand about these opposing forces is they speak louder than the positive influences themselves. Any song those involved might be able to dance to is the one these elements would play. They have appropriate songs for all their captives. And many children,both adolescences and youths alike, under the influence of parenting enjoyed engaging in such dancing activities of rebellion.
Of the efforts and stresses involved in parenting there are no limit to such. As much as every parent wants to work it practically out himself so much is attention not diverted from intentions. (This is a stress on its own knowing fully that intentions can easily be misunderstood much more talking about the task of being a perfect example).
I see the efforts my father continually put toward the upbringing of me and my siblings. The efforts my guardian once directed toward correlating my relations with my environment way back then in my High School days. I examined such directions, trainings and processes, I could not but appreciate the value of good Parentings. I have come to see successful Parentings as victory over the terrorism of the social vices that consistently stand as unwanted qualities that should not be found in a child. No doubt your father is a hero!So do your mother!
To everyone concerned, it is graceful,merciful and kind of you if the sweats of your parents produce the successes they are intended for. If you are patient enough and humble to comprehend their intentions. No parent would work to favour what is harmful to the now and future of his/her children. That is fundamental! To make this possible, the mind, nature and whatsoever in you must be adjusted in order to yield to the parents’ directives, expectations, love and care. This basically forms the only and best suited manner the children can love and appreciate their (parents) concerns!


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