Parents are committed into making their children thrive. It is more than a full-time job of any profession. The process, undoubtedly, consumes considerable amount of energies, sweat and resources. However, the rewards and the joy therein go beyond what mere language can define. Of all the resources dedicated towards this blessed task of nature, prayer is one, and necessarily, vital. This fundamental resource, and a tool, is not of personal brawny intervention. It is a systematic  manner of communicating with a superhuman in tackling situations within and above human abilities. Prayer is a way in which the human beings admit their failure of successfully guiding their ways into success. In other words, it is an avenue whereby humans acknowledge the limitations of their beings and the appreciation of the fact that their lives are owned by a supreme being. In no doubt, for those that have experienced it, prayer is a powerful tool adaptable in shaping situations and events, the dimensions (present and future) of life inclusive. Successfully fruitful parents could testify of the power of this tool in child upbringing.
Life, on general basis, is characterized with many state of affairs that far outweigh the capabilities of human beings. The outcomes of our decisions also,at regular basis, present us their unpleasant conditions. The policies on which the society operates is a problem on its own! In the aspect of parenting, the desire of the children to express themselves unruly at all cost, not including the spirit of social vices that hurt after them, is another element that sap off parents’ efforts and energies. These challenges are beyond what parents can bear alone. There is indeed a need for a support from a higher energy source. And prayer is a mean, among others, to reaching out to that source.
God has given the Christians blank cheques to  debit accounts that never run dry. And He expects the faithfuls to make use of them regularly. This is an index that parents have the privileges and rights to withdraw resources required for their children’s fruitful livings, both at the present and the future, from the account supported by eternal power and Spirit. Of a truth, the prayers provide God the opportunity to protect the children under the parents’ influence! In the time of their ignorance and weakness, the prayers work things out fine, shaping their lives and the eventual results achieved. And furthermore, prayer establishes the platform for the parents’ blessings to manifest upon their kids.
No doubt, for a fruitful and assuring parenting, prayer is essentially essential in order to have children that is not only enabled and strengthened appropriately in physical and spiritual value but also godly.


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