Your Child is Unique; He is not a Neighbour ‘s Child

In a community where a child displays exceptional behavioural qualities, the neighbours might be faced with the challenges of accepting the defeat of their expectations. The qualities, in concern, are basically not vices that threatened societal core values. Rather they are individualistic expressions of inner zeal and worth. Even in the possibility of a child’ s threat to moral expectations, it is the duty of the parents or guardians, not the neighbours, to actively engage in the cry for the approval expected from the child.
Parents often make mistakes of demanding satisfaction from their children’ s behaviours based on the expectations of their friends or next-doors neighbours. And sometimes it might be that the standard of approval is the neighborhood kids that seem to be getting everything perfectly right. And unfortunately, your kid is in no way near the pass marks. However, such unpleasant comparison actually results from a poor understanding of your child ‘s unique characteristic values. Nobody should understand the uniqueness of child better than the parents. And nobody is endowed with greater capacity to bear a child ‘s whatever challenges than the parents! This is simply because the child is a product of their genes.
The genes ensure that every traits discoverable in a child could be traced to their parents. By this, a parent that has discovered and understood himself pretty well would not be taken off balance completely by the exposure of his child ‘s behaviours and potentials. Also, it is well known that within a family, there is a high possibility that the methods employed by parents in handling each child might differ. Some children are quick to respond to instructions while others are not. To make maximum use of the resources available to parents, wisdom demands that each of the children is treated, without bias in the demonstration of love, in the best adequate manner he would respond as required. This provides an adequate background in tackling any complexity that the child ‘s behaviours create.
Understanding a child ‘s uniqueness and the behavioural patterns that agree with it helps not only in managing a child appropriately but also in defeating the possibility of unhealthy comparison.
It is fundamentally necessary that a clear distinction be established in the degree of allowable interference in one’s parenting styles by the neighbours or any external bodies. The basic reason is that they will judge your child based on their philosophy  as well as the influence of the components their kids are made up of. This is detrimental to the potentials embedded into the child.
Every child has a destiny to fulfil. God knows the exact parents that can help in achieving it. And to your children, it is you! Do not let the taste of external bodies change what God sees in you that made Him keep those kids in your care! 


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