Your Child And The Way You Are

There are many factors that combine to establish self-concept and awareness in a child. Apart from the genetic-related factors, there are others which are related to the environment and the ability to learn from the environment. In my last blog post “Why the Environments with the Children”, I made mentioned of the characteristic natures of the social environment and the need for parents to guard against them.

In a parent to child relation, a core element that could be found associated with the latter is the nurturing style. This explained why the twins reared up by different guidance would exhibit different behaviors in their childhood into the adolescence ages (and possibly adulthood), with each behaving like the cohabiting guidance.

Nurture means to care and protect somebody or something while they are developing. This is one of the definitions of the term in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 6th edition. In relation to the issue of discourse, I would simply refer it to how a child is being brought up. As simple as the term appears, the processes adopted to carry it out has a profound influence on the perception of emotions, thoughts, and desire, and, their expressions in a child. Parents can train up a child in many ways. However, the three basic ways are; instructions-giving, attitudes and behaviors. They become the direct means through which a child’s behavioral learning process is achieved. A child learns these processes, reflect on their emotions on them through judgment and consciously or unconsciously live them out. If you are unsure of your attitudes and behaviors, study your child and you are sure to have a clue. He has lived with you enough to unconsciously handle the issues of life the way you do.

Parents need to meet up with the challenges always posed by the intelligible and brilliant characteristics found in the children of this present age. Things have changed a lot- so fast. There is also a great need to live up to expectations to accommodate the changes. This, itself, calls for a direct reflection of the ways you live your life. You are the main leader of attitudes and behaviors of your child. This implies you must live by example. It is needful that you strengthen your good attitudes and behaviors or at the most, maintain them if you cannot improve on them. But the most important necessity is that you must train, and discipline yourself against the vices (bad attitudes and behaviors). It is not a call for pretense. It is a call for an inevitable change. The process may take time. Determination, perseverance and self-discipline will take you through to the final destination.

The ultimate goal makes the efforts worthwhile- to provide your child adequate attitudes and behaviors, which when assessed by others, will earn you value and honor.


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