Too full in……..Nothing!

I have the memory fresh as though it happened just a few seconds again! I had called her and spoke in the same level of Language she talked with me the previous day, probably two days before…and she felt insulted…… insulted…and I wonder what she thought of me… For such level of response she might […]

Politics-A Reflection of Strength in Personal Convictions

  There are many elements that could change a man. Man himself is an agent of change that experiences change. Man, being social, is surrounded by diverse elements that his interaction with them posed a greater demand for change. Politics is one! This explains the reason a good man by virtue of his political occupation […]

The Family In The Society…..

  Every individual in the society-complex or simple-in whatever form grows up from a platform. The values such has come to believe and appreciate foundation themselves from a concrete establishment or institution, and not from a cloudy ground. This institution is the family! Among the indispensable institutions noted to be the pillars of the society, […]